Welcome to our 2022 Arts and Communication Showcase!

This year, our showcase theme is "Reflections". Our gallery features different media of artwork from students in Waipahu High School's Arts & Communication Academy. The gallery includes artists that range in skill from beginner, proficient, to advanced level. Artistic media includes but is not limited to drawing, painting, ceramics, performing arts, music, photography, graphic design, video, and multimedia. 

The students this school year faced a unique challenge of coming back to school in person after the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and online learning. Students not only had to catch up on curriculum and artistic technique, but readjust to socializing in public with peers and being in a school environment again. The theme reflections had students evaluate their experience of being back in society, and rediscovering their identity and artistic passion.

Many students found our classes to be a place of peace- a place of not only expression, but a journey of reflection throughout experimentation of artistic media. 

We sincerely hope you enjoy viewing all the different works from our range of courses. Thank you for your support. Go Mauraders!