Our student ambassador program is made up of junior and senior students from across our three academy pathways.  Ambassadors are chosen using multiple checkpoints including teacher recommendation, portfolio review, grade checks, and student interest.  Student ambassadors are an integral part of our academy, linking students and adults. Ambassadors represent the academy during our 8th grade orientation, parent nights, and academy showcase night.  Ambassadors also go out into the community to represent us at various elementary school academy days, fairs, and other community events. These experiences hone our ambassadors’ abilities to share information about the academy, programs of study, electives, teachers, and Waipahu High School as a whole.  Ambassadors should have good speaking skills and stage presence, a passion for the academy and their program of study as well as a strong background knowledge of the academy and Waipahu High School. Student ambassadors are the student voice at the academy teacher meetings and may attend board meetings. Our academy student body as a whole is guided by the ambassadors who help facilitate decision making and implement student ideas with adult support. 

Meet Our Student Ambassadors

Maile Ancheta, '20

What I love the most about the Multimedia pathway is the ability to express my personal opinions, values, and aesthetics through a visual medium. I love having the choice to show instead of tell. I've also been granted so many opportunities such as traveling to the mainland to create films and volunteering with the LPGA LOTTE Championship's media center, then being invited back to help them with the PGA Sony Open tournament.

Janelle Tapat '20

Pathway: Journalism

Post High School Goal: attend college and major in interior design

I am extremely grateful to be a part of an academy that fosters my passions. I feel as though each pathway provides rigorous work that prepares students to take their first steps in the industry upon graduating. Personally, being in this academy has helped me figure out how to communicate better with others and improve at my craft as a whole. With that said, I’ve met some of the best mentors and peers that I have ever worked with in this program


Ashley Hartsfield, '21



Art has always been a way for me to express and cope with my emotions. It's something that is very unique and special to each individual. Being a part of this Academy's ambassador program is a privilege and I want to help make improvements that will benefit our students. I hope in the years to come our Academy will shine the way it was always meant to. 

I love the enthusiasm and talent everyone has as well as the match in drive and commitment most people have in my classes. It took me out of my shell and morphed me into who I am today and I think Im a better person because of this pathway.

Lei-Marie Gacho, '21

Willow Takahashi '21






Mackenzie Baron ,'21

Being in Arts and Communication exposes me to so many different ways to express myself. I love the Drawing and Painting Program. The way a brushstroke changes a painting or how shading defines a portrait - the perspective of it all is amazing!

Tyrie Lai, '21

I’m currently in the Graphic Design pathway. I like that I am able to express my creativity in as many ways as possible and show my emotions and be myself.

Chase Ignacio, '22

I enjoy my academy because the pathways allow me to express my creative freedom in. I love our supportive administration, teachers, and counselors. The opportunities I've been given have allowed me to improve upon my creative passion. The Academy of Arts & Communication has made me feel safe to express myself.


Daniel Rilveria, '21